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Welcome to Broadband 4Britain - the UK's Broadband pressure group and information centre - keeping you up to date with developements on the British Broadband situation.

So what is Broadband? Why do we want it? How does it work? Why can't I get it?
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In this 21st century global economy, the sad fact is that British businesses are suffering in the Broadband famine - and many don't even realise it...

Internet Gaming, Video-Conferencing and virtual shopping - and a whole world of other exciting services yet to even be imagined...



The Broadband4Britain is nothing without its supporters - YOU. We need YOUR help to clarify our manifesto to take to 10 Downing Street and tell Mr Blair and the other decision makers in the UK what YOU want to see happening.

Read the following and tell us if you agree. There is a space at the bottom of this page where you can submit your own suggestions for our manifesto.

Thank you

The Goal

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"By the end of 2003 every home and business, in every corner of the United Kingdom, should have affordable access to always-on Internet services operating at a minimum of 512kbit/s."


BB4B will:

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Campaign to put broadband at the top of the news and political agendas in the UK.
Lobby European and UK national, regional and local governments to hold them to account for broadband policy in the UK.
Work with its supporters, industry, the public sector and academia to promote creative and pragmatic thinking and policy on broadband rollout in the UK.
Seek to educate British businesses and consumers at the grass roots level on the benefits and applications of broadband.

Issues and Programmes

Here is where you get to help BB4B create and drive through the programme of activity in pursuit of our objectives. Please take this opportunity to critique our approach, and contribute creative ideas of your own.





BB4B Portal: Continue to build into the UK’s primary portal for broadband news, education and commentary.
BB4B Education: Working with trade associations, industry bodies and the national media - BB4B will communicate the opportunities and business benefits of broadband to the British public.  Our contact with the operators, regulators and legislators will be led by our insistence that Britain should know all of the facts about broadband.
BB4B Petition of Petitions: Work with all of the other regional or community-based campaigns to ensure that the BB4B petition represents the culmination of the UK’s desire for ubiquitous and affordable broadband.
BB4B Demand Aggregation Programme: By creating broadband champions and identifying communities of broadband users, BB4B will map the demand for broadband in the UK and invite industry to meet the challenge of delivering service to that demand.
BB4B Day: The broadband equivalent of the Jarrow March. We’re hungry – hungry for broadband that is – and we’re taking our opinions and our petition to Downing Street.
BB4B Think Tank: An apolitical programme aimed at promoting constructive, visionary and measurable strategy and policy on UK broadband roll-out.

Your Comments

Please take a moment to sign the online petition, the results of which along with the questionnaire will be presented to parliament. We also urge you to contact your MP, and have your say on the B4B message board.

Sign Our Online Petition!

Read and comment on our manifesto.

Become a Local Hero! Broadband4Britain is actively recruiting Broadband "Local Heroes" to evangelise the benefits of broadband Internet access within their communities, with the objective of igniting non-urban broadband demand.

B4B welcomes your contributions, suggestions and comments - email us or complete the enquiry form.

Help promote the campaign by telling a friend or two!

Resources for locating and contacting your local MP.

Have your say and share your experiences in the B4B discussion forum.

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