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Welcome to Broadband 4Britain - the UK's Broadband pressure group and information centre - keeping you up to date with developements on the British Broadband situation.

So what is Broadband? Why do we want it? How does it work? Why can't I get it?
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In this 21st century global economy, the sad fact is that British businesses are suffering in the Broadband famine - and many don't even realise it...

Internet Gaming, Video-Conferencing and virtual shopping - and a whole world of other exciting services yet to even be imagined...


Broadband4Britain is recruiting volunteers to run local campaigns with the goal of bringing broadband to their communities. We call these campaigners ĎLocal Heroesí. Our goal is to stimulate and map demand across the UK, and then publicise that demand to all of the stakeholders, including all broadband providers, national and local government.

If your business is suffering for a want of broadband services in your area; if you are deeply concerned about the growing divide between the broadband haves and have-nots; if you want to register your discontent in the most positive of ways, then becoming a Broadband4Britain Local Hero might be for you.

Whatís involved?

As a Local Hero you will work within your community and to the benefit of that community, but with the support of a national campaign - Broadband4Britain. Your objectives are firstly to provide a focal point for those in the community as frustrated as yourself with the lack of broadband availability. Secondly, you and your network of supporters will work to evangelise the benefits of broadband to the rest of the community. Thirdly, and with the help of Broadband4Britain, you will encourage people to register their demand for broadband online.

What can Broadband4Britain do to help?

Firstly, we will provide you with a mini-website where your 'converts' can go to take the pledge. For a working example, please see but DO NOT generate real pledges here. Secondly, we'll try and augment your publicity ideas with ideas of our own. Thirdly, we will include your campaign in our updates to the national media, and even make you available for interview (with your agreement). Finally, we will do everything in our power to make sure that the world at large knows about the quantifiable demand for broadband within your community.

How does Local Heroes align with BTís Pre Registration scheme?

The two are not to be confused. Local Hero campaigns are about igniting demand within the community. That demand can then be registered on a BB4B mini-website, via the BT scheme, or both.

Itís as well to remember that BTís scheme applies to around 1000 local exchanges and excludes around 4000 others. Also, BTís scheme is to the benefit of BT only and the information isnít necessarily available to its competitors, some of whom may be better motivated to serve your community. Using a Broadband4Britain site, perhaps linked to your own or a community site, can reinforce the perception of a campaign by the community and for the community, and perhaps avoid the downside of the nation's 'BT-fatigue'.

What is my next step?

Use the 'Register' button below to share your details with Broadband4Britain, and initiate the set-up of your mini-website. Alternatively, Click Here to email Broadband4Britain with additional questions.

Please take a moment to sign the online petition, the results of which along with the questionnaire will be presented to parliament. We also urge you to contact your MP, and have your say on the B4B message board.

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