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Welcome to Broadband 4Britain - the UK's Broadband pressure group and information centre - keeping you up to date with developements on the British Broadband situation.

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In this 21st century global economy, the sad fact is that British businesses are suffering in the Broadband famine - and many don't even realise it...

Internet Gaming, Video-Conferencing and virtual shopping - and a whole world of other exciting services yet to even be imagined...


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Dear MP

I write to you as one of the many small to medium business owners in the UK who are experiencing significant difficulties in accessing affordable, efficient, high-speed and cost-conscious access to the internet, via broadband services.

As a supporter of the ‘Broadband4Britain’ campaign, recently launched, I find myself concerned, frustrated and appalled enough to take action and join the increasing number of supporters who want to change the current state of play of the broadband access market.

Many businesses owners like myself require access to highspeed xDSL and leased line services to the internet in the UK, but we are continually being fobbed off by the likes of large service providers such as BT. We are not looking to hold video conferences over the internet just yet or download complex programmes and services, but as businesses that rely on efficient, reliable and consistent communication, we simply need regular access to the world wide web, to be both available and affordable.

The cost of broadband services is on the increase and yet the ongoing development of both access points and available services seems to have slowed down. As a result, UK SMEs who rely on fast, efficient communication via reliable channels are suffering. Some of the SMEs affected are in remote locations, but many are based in the vicinity of large cities with the appropriate transmitters that should make the deployment of broadband a ‘no-brainer’.

So why are we suffering and being made to accept second rate services when many of our global partners are enjoying the benefits of the latest in broadband connection and speed?

The SME sector makes up the largest section of businesses in the UK, and as a nation can lay claim to the development of some of the most revolutionary technological advances in the world. So why are we continually being ignored when it comes to broadband service allocation and why are we not leading the way with the deployment of this efficient method of accessing the world and its markets?

I look forward to your response to this call for action.

Yours faithfully,


Please take a moment to sign the online petition, the results of which along with the questionnaire will be presented to parliament. We also urge you to contact your MP, and have your say on the B4B message board.

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