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Welcome to Broadband 4Britain - the UK's Broadband pressure group and information centre - keeping you up to date with developements on the British Broadband situation.

So what is Broadband? Why do we want it? How does it work? Why can't I get it?
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In this 21st century global economy, the sad fact is that British businesses are suffering in the Broadband famine - and many don't even realise it...

Internet Gaming, Video-Conferencing and virtual shopping - and a whole world of other exciting services yet to even be imagined...


The Broadband4Britain Campaign
1st Floor Conrad House
Beaufort Square
NP16 6EP

Telephone: 01291 626200
Fax: 01291 628858


Please take a moment to sign the online petition, the results of which along with the questionnaire will be presented to parliament. We also urge you to contact your MP, and have your say on the B4B message board.

Sign Our Online Petition!

Read and comment on our manifesto.

Become a Local Hero! Broadband4Britain is actively recruiting Broadband "Local Heroes" to evangelise the benefits of broadband Internet access within their communities, with the objective of igniting non-urban broadband demand.

B4B welcomes your contributions, suggestions and comments - email us or complete the enquiry form.

Help promote the campaign by telling a friend or two!

Resources for locating and contacting your local MP.

Have your say and share your experiences in the B4B discussion forum.

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